Where's My Truck?

Where’s My T-R-U-C-K?*

Illustrator: David Catrow

“Shhh!” I hear my parents say,

“Tommy’s not himself today.

He’s lost his T-R-U-C-K!”

And no matter what Mom, Dad, Sis, Brother, and Grandma offer, nothing is as fun as his favorite red truck. Except maybe the hunt to find it.

I dont want jeeps or cars or planes,

or boats or bikes or trikes or trains.

I dont want green or blue or black.

I only want my red truck back.

Please help Tommy find his truck! PLEASE! His family is begging you!

A romping, rhyming read-aloud that is sure to get kids guessing, giggling, and spelling in no time. (Preschool–2nd grade)

*T-R-U-C-K is meant to be spelled, letter by letter, when reading the text.

Awards & Honors

2012 Selected for inclusion in Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library

2011 “Best of the Best” Reading List for Kids —Chicago Public Library

Where's My Truck? Ladder