Dini Dinosaur

Dini Dinosaur

Illustrator: Daniel Roode

Dirty Dini Dinosaur is covered with mud from head to toe. But when he tries to take a bath…UH-OH!

Silly Dini Dinosaur!

Don’t you know?

You have to take your SHOES off!

Back you go!

And so on, as Dini removes each article of clothing (shoes, pants, shirt, hat) and splashes in the tub. SCRUB-A-DUB-DUB! At last, his ever-so-patient Mama Dinosaur gives him one final scrub, reads him a bedtime story, then tucks him in with a hug and a kiss.

Kids will eagerly participate in the repetition of SCRUB-A-DUB-DUB, and call out the article of clothing associated with each body part: feet, legs, tummy, and head. (Preschool–1st grade)


“Beaumont’s buoyant, bouncy verse practically reads itself aloud, and it will not take long before young listeners fling themselves into the performance, chiming in with the “scrub-a-dub-dub!” refrain. Early literacy skills are boosted by subtle textual cues that place the key word not only in all caps but in a color that matches the article of clothing in question. Roode complements the text with big, simple pictures filled with smiles…and sudsy bubbles.”

—Kirkus Reviews

“Even youngest toddlers will guess what’s coming next in this bath time story about a baby dinosaur who neglects to take off his clothes before getting cleaned up. Beaumont’s…buoyant, nursery rhyme-style pattern and Roode’s cheerful digital artwork feature lots of smiles, bubbles, and hugs that work well with the book’s sweet-natured, end-of-the-day vibe.”

—Publishers Weekly

Dini Dinosaur takes a bath