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Dini Dinosaur


Dini Dinosaur

Illustrator: Daniel Roode

Dirty Dini Dinosaur is covered with mud from head to toe. But when he tries to take a bath…UH-OH!

Silly Dini Dinosaur!

Don’t you know?

You have to take your SHOES off!

Back you go!

And so on, as Dini removes each article of clothing (shoes, pants, shirt, hat) and splashes in the tub. SCRUB-A-DUB-DUB! At last, his ever-so-patient Mama Dinosaur gives him one final scrub, reads him a bedtime story, then tucks him in with a hug and a kiss.

Kids will eagerly participate in the repetition of SCRUB-A-DUB-DUB, and call out the article of clothing associated with each body part: feet, legs, tummy, and head. (Preschool – 1st grade)



“Beaumont’s buoyant, bouncy verse practically reads itself aloud, and it will not take long before young listeners fling themselves into the performance, chiming in with the “scrub-a-dub-dub!” refrain. Early literacy skills are boosted by subtle textual cues that place the key word not only in all caps but in a color that matches the article of clothing in question. Roode complements the text with big, simple pictures filled with smiles…and sudsy bubbles.”

—Kirkus Reviews

“Even youngest toddlers will guess what’s coming next in this bath time story about a baby dinosaur who neglects to take off his clothes before getting cleaned up. Beaumont’s…buoyant, nursery rhyme-style pattern (and) Roode’s cheerful digital artwork feature lots of smiles, bubbles, and hugs that work well with the book’s sweet-natured, end-of-the-day vibe.”

—Publishers Weekly


No Sleep For The Sheep!


No Sleep For The Sheep!

Illustrator: Jackie Urbanovic

Poor Sheep wants nothing more than a good night’s sleep. But just as he dozes off in the big red barn on the farm…

There came a loud QUACK at the door, at the door,

and the sheep couldn’t sleep any more!

Then…BAA! OINK! MOO! NEIGH! Sheep’s sleep is repeatedly interrupted by one noisy intruder after another. Kids will love trying to guess who comes next, based on each animal’s silhouette on the preceding page. In the end, just as Sheep finally falls into a deep, deep sleep in the big red barn…COCK-A-DOODLE-DOO! It’s time to get up! A comedy that invites audience participation, reinforces prediction skills, and ensures youngsters will enjoy one last giggle at story time, or before being tucked into bed at night. (Preschool – 2nd grade)


star-scribble“A terrific read-aloud that will have listeners quacking, mooing, and neighing with Sheep’s friends each time they wake him up. This is sure to be a story time favorite.”

—School Library Journal, starred review

“Together, Urbanovic’s comical watercolor illustrations and Beaumont’s repetitive rhyming text manage to be both lively and soothing – the perfect combination to help energetic little ones blow off steam and settle down at bedtime.”

—The Horn Book

“Beaumont’s playful, repetitive text, with its loud animal sounds, will have children chanting along to the beat. In more intimate sharings, readers with a careful eye can spot the shadow of the next animal, along with a certain tiny, feathered friend, who just may make the loudest sound of all.”

—Kirkus Reviews

“This humorous tale begs to be read aloud.”

—Children’s Literature


Awards & Honors

2012 “Best Children’s Books of the Year” – Bank Street College

2012 Texas 2×2 Reading List

2012 Elementary California Collection


Doggone Dogs

Doggone Dogs!

Doggone Dogs!

Illustrator: David Catrow

Ten doggone dogs can’t wait to go to the park. Once there, however, they wreak havoc at the Perfect Pooch Obedience School, causing one doggone disaster after another.

Doggone dogs do not obey.
They turn and run the other way!

Finally, after making one too many messes, the dogs are captured by the pet patrol, and incarcerated. But they are not locked up for long. As the guard drifts off to sleep, these clever canines put some of their “tricks” to good use!

Counting these rambunctious dogs, from one to ten and back again, will keep children more than entertained from beginning to end. (Preschool – 2nd grade) 




“The succinct, rhyming text bounces along just like the runaways, numerically counting up the dogs and naming them in a fast-paced, catchy rhyme. In the crowded arena of dog stories, this one stands out from the pack.”

—Kirkus Reviews

“The frenetic, goofy-looking dogs of various sizes and breeds romping through the park are sure to bring smiles to young faces.”

—School Library Journal

Awards & Honors

2010 Elementary California Collection

2010 New York State Reading Association Charlotte Award Suggested Reading List

Who Ate All The Cookie Dough?


Who Ate All The Cookie Dough?

Illustrator: Eugene Yelchin

Eeny, meeny, miney, moe!

Who ate all the cookie dough?

When Mama Kangaroo discovers that her mixing bowl, once filled with cookie dough, is now empty, she begins her search for the culprit.

Lion, Lion, do you know?

Who ate all the cookie dough?

I don’t know. It wasn’t me.

Maybe Zebra…let’s go see!

The suspense builds as each of the animal characters is questioned. Was it Llama? Zebra? Hippo? Cheetah? Or…maybe it was Monkey!

Designed to reinforce reading readiness skills, kids will love trying to be the first to solve this mouth-watering mystery. Lift the flap at the end to find out who ate all the cookie dough. (Preschool – 1st grade)




“Some books are just sure-fire winners for story sharing with young listeners! Who Ate All the Cookie Dough? is guaranteed to have your audience chiming in with its call-and-response patterned text and simple, bold gouache illustrations to support participation from pre-readers.”

—Elementary Book Review

“This book’s repetition and rhymes — reminiscent of the question-and-answer rhythm of Bill Martin Jr.’s Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? — make it a good choice for beginning readers and for chant-along story times.”

—School Library Journal

“A good offering for new readers looking for books to read independently…the amusing illustrations of popular animals and the jaunty rhythm and rhyme will make this a favorite.”

—Kirkus Reviews

Awards & Honors

2009 International Reading Association/Children’s Book Council Children’s Choice List

2009 Please Touch Museum Book Award

Move Over, Rover!

Move Over Rover!

Move Over, Rover!

Illustrator: Jane Dyer

Poor Rover! He’s all alone in his doghouse, chewing on a bone. As clouds roll in, and the rain begins to pour…

Rover’s in the doghouse,

sleeping through the storm…

Cat is looking all around

to find a place that’s warm.


Raccoon, Squirrel, Blue Jay, and Snake want to be warm, too. One by one, they all squeeze into Rover’s doghouse and fall asleep, until…PEEUUWW!   An uninvited guest quickly disperses the crowd. Who is it, and how did he get in? (You have to look very closely!)

Children are sure to enjoy calling out “Move over, Rover!” with each new arrival, and searching for the animal characters camouflaged on various pages. (Preschool – 2nd grade)




Starred Review“The bouncy rhymes and expressive paintings complement each other well, melding into a simple but satisfying story that will fit into story hours with themes of rain, dogs, or sharing.”

—Kirkus Reviews, starred review

“The repetition of key phrases, the rhythmic text, and the cumulative structure of the narrative make this book an ideal read-aloud. Children will love the hilarious ending.”

—School Library Journal

Awards & Honors

2009 Arkansas Diamond Primary Book Award

2007 Theodor Seuss Geisel Honor Award

2007 American Library Association Notable Book Award

2007 Oppenheim Toy Portfolio (Platinum) Best Book Award

2007 Missouri Library Association Picture Book Award


I Ain’t Gonna Paint No More!


I Ain’t Gonna Paint No More!

Illustrator: David Catrow

A joyful celebration of one child’s creative spirit, this story gives new meaning to the fine art of self-expression.

One day my mama caught me
paintin’ pictures on the floor
and the ceiling
and the walls
and the curtains
and the door…

And…well, let’s just say Mama isn’t too happy about that! Nor the fact that after a bath, this aspiring young artist decides to turn his talents on HIMSELF!

So I take some red
and I paint my…HEAD!

The interactive format builds phonemic awareness as kids guess each subsequent body part, right up to the hilarious end. Guaranteed giggles every time! (Preschool – 2nd grade)




Starred Review“With rhymes that invite audience participation and scenes that draw the eye, this is a strong story time choice. Based on the song It Ain’t Gonna Rain No More!, the rhythmic text can be read or sung with equal effectiveness.”

—School Library Journal, starred review

“I Ain’t Gonna Paint No More! stands alone in its excellence. A necessity for any library collection and a great gift for each and every little one on your shopping list. This book is a story time dream come true.”

—E.R. Bird, top 500 reviewer

“Here’s one that kids will beg for again and again and again.”

—Kirkus Reviews

“Beaumont’s text is hilarious, and is perfectly complemented by Catrow’s wild, wacky illustrations. A particularly great read-aloud.”

—Pittsburgh Post-Gazette


Enjoy 3 1/2 year old Colton “reading”
I Ain’t Gonna Paint No More!

Awards & Honors

New York Times Best Sellers List

2010 Georgia Children’s Picture Book Award

2009 Tennessee State Picture Book Award

2008 Arizona Library Association Picture Book Award

2008 South Dakota Library Association Picture Book Award

2007 Elementary California Collection

2007 Kentucky State Book Award

2006 American Library Association Notable Book Award

2006 New Hampshire Center for the Book – Picture Book Award

2006 Alabama Children’s Choice Award

2005 (Spring/Summer) Top 10 Children’s Books – Book Sense

2005 Top 10 Children’s Books – Miami Herald

2005 Top 5 Children’s Books – Nick Jr. Family Magazine
(voted Funniest Book of 2005, and Most Likely to Get Kids in
Trouble – oops!)

2005 Michigan Library Association Picture Book Award

2005 Missouri Library Association Picture Book Award

2005 Wilde Award for Best Rhythm and Rhyme

2005 Bright Horizons “Book of Excellence”

2005 New York Public Library recommended title


I Like Myself!


I Like Myself!

Illustrator: David Catrow

One little girl’s exuberant ode to self-esteem that celebrates the joy of liking who you are:

Inside, outside, upside down,
from head to toe and all around,
I like it all! It all is me!
And me is all I want to be.

Even as she imagines herself with increasingly exaggerated physical features such as “knobby knees, or hippo hips, or purple polka-dotted lips”, this indomitable little girl’s confidence and sense of self-worth remain strong.

Sassy and soulful, this book is sure to inspire every child to revel in his or her own special uniqueness. (Preschool – 2nd grade)


“The brightly colored art and rhymes are reminiscent of Dr. Seuss’s work with their quirky absurdity. A great addition.”

—School Library Journal

“Give kids a dose of healthy confidence building with this visually hilarious, romping picture book from Karen Beaumont and Dave Catrow. Loaded with wacky scenes of a small, smiley-faced girl with big self-esteem, this open-hearted picture book celebrates liking yourself. A joyous read for celebrating the spirit.”

—The B&N Review

“No matter what you look like, or what people say about you, it should not change the inherent beauty found within you. It’s amazing what deep insight can be found in an upbeat children’s rhyme…a certain winner with kids.”

—The Examiner

“Beaumont and Catrow work as a seamless team here. The result is that rare thing: an exhortation that elicits enjoyment even as it makes its point.”

—The Bulletin, “R” (Recommended)

 “Sure to become a story time favorite.”

—Kirkus Reviews


Awards & Honors

2005 Wanda Gag Read Aloud Book Award

2004 “Best Children’s Books” Award – National Parenting Publications

2004 “Best Children’s Books” Award – Disney


Baby Danced the Polka


Baby Danced The Polka

Illustrator: Jennifer Plecas

It’s nap time on the farm. Baby is supposed to be sleeping. But instead…

While Papa shaved his whiskers,
And Mama washed her wig,
Baby danced the polka
With the polka-dotted…PIG!

This scenario repeats as, one by one, Baby dances with each of the stuffed animals in his crib: a pig, goat, cow, and sheep. Kids will build phonemic awareness as they guess what’s hidden behind the sturdy laminated flaps. In the end, Baby’s fancy footwork wins out, prompting Pa to get his fiddle, and Ma to put on her dancin’ shoes for the very best ol’ polka fest of all!

A great baby shower gift or preschool classroom addition! (Ages 2-5)




“By the time I got around to reading Baby Danced the Polka, I found that I’d been missing one of the hottest rhyming children’s writers alive today. Beaumont has a golden ear for fun and funny preschool comedy. Baby Danced the Polka is going to be deeply loved by scores and scores of children everywhere. If you know a small child who loves music and movement, this book’s a sure-fire hit.”

—E.R. Bird, top 500 reviewer

 “A lift-the-flap picture book that has everything one wants for little kids: engaging rhyme, fun to read aloud, bright illustrations and anticipatory writing. Great fun!”

—Children’s Literature

“Beaumont’s rhymes roll perfectly off the tongue, making the story ideal for reading aloud. This tireless toddler and his toe tapping is likely to dance his way into readers’ hearts.”

—Publishers Weekly

“A bright and lively bedtime selection.”

                                                                                                            —School Library Journal

Awards & Honors

2005 Children’s Literature Choice List for Children 3 and under

2005 Texas 2×2 State Reading List

2004 American Library Association Notable Book Award

2004 “Best Children’s Books” Award – Child Magazine

2004 Charlotte Zolotow “Highly Commended” Book Award

2004 “Best Books for Babies” – Teachers and Caregivers


Duck, Duck, Goose! (A Coyote’s on the Loose!)



Join the fun as 3 year old Katie and her father, Tom,
read Duck, Duck, Goose! together

Duck, Duck, Goose!

(A Coyote’s On The Loose!)

Illustrators: Jose Aruego & Ariane Dewey

Duck, duck, goose…

A coyote’s on the loose!

Goose, goose, pig…

And he’s really, really big!

Join this wacky group of farm animals as they run from what they imagine is a coyote lurking beneath a pile of leaves and debris. Just when they think they are out of danger, a shadow appears at the farmhouse window! And in hops…well, not who they were expecting!

A great tool for dispelling children’s fears, and a fun way to reinforce reading readiness skills. (Preschool – 2nd grade)


“A suspenseful romp that will strike a chord with children.”

—School Library Journal

“Rollicking rhyme…brightly colored, funny animals with expressive faces…children will enjoy the imaginative animals and the humor of the situation.”

—Children’s Literature

“A good blend of musicality, movement and suspense—all pegged for the preschooler’s ear—in this cumulative rhyme-along from Beaumont.”

—Kirkus Reviews

“The plot of this read-aloud will hold up under repeat performances.”



Being Friends

Being Friends

Being Friends

Illustrator: Joy Allen

I am me and you are you.

I like red and you like blue.

I like purple. You do too!

We both like being friends.

A gentle portrayal of two distinctly different girls—one a tomboy, the other a girly girl—who share the delights and challenges of best friendship. They demonstrate that through compromise, acceptance and love, they are able to transcend the differences that seem to separate them.

Sometimes we may play all day.

Sometimes we need time away.

I like you and you like me,

And though we’re different as can be…

We both like being friends!

A valuable resource for parents and teachers dealing with sibling rivalry or classroom conflict. (Preschool – 2nd grade)




“Through rhyming text, Beaumont conveys the joys of friendship between two girls while celebrating their similarities and differences. The words bounce along in language appropriate for children who are making their first friends. Expressive, colorful pastel illustrations…match the cheerful text and offer lots of details to explore.”

—School Library Journal

“Beneath the playful tone lies a vital message for readers concerning not only the need for tolerance and acceptance, but the many rewards and pleasures that result. Snappy, rhyming verses…energetic, full-bleed illustrations. A delight to look at and a treat to read: a gem for best friends of any age to share.”

—Kirkus Reviews